Click to enlarge Type: Young White
Grape varieties:
34% Sauvignon Blanc,
33% Airén and 33% Macabeo.
Winemaking: After a light maceration with the skins over a period of 8-10 hours, the must is drawn off, devatted and introduced into stainless steel tanks and then fermented under controlled temperatures, never over 15-16°C
Tasting notes: Beautiful pale yellow colour, with greenish reflections. Presents a great aromatic potential in which the whole spectrum opens up. Tasty in the mouth, well balanced, with a fresh acidity and light palate.
Click to enlarge Type: Young Rosé
Grape varieties: 80% Monastrell and 20% Syrah
Winemaking: Grape juice from crushing after cold soaking with the skins for 10/12 hours. Alcholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with temperature control between 16/18º. 
Tasting notes: Intense pink with sparkling ruby, clean and bright. Nose, of good intensity with aromas of redcurrent, strawberry and fresh cherries. Full, sweet and fresh wine with a good aftertaste, seductive and elegant.
Click to enlarge Type: Young red
Grape varieties:
80% Monastrell and 20% Syrah.
Winemaking: Manual harvesting of the grapes, cluster selection in the field, and then later on in the winery, cold maceration in stainless steel tanks for two to three weeks. After devatting and drawing off, the fermentation process is completed in stainless steel tanks with temperatures not exceeding 25°C (77°F).
Tasting notes: Excellent expression of the Monastrell variety, in perfect harmony with the Syrah. Dark cherry red, fleshy, with intense red and black fruit aromas (plums, blackberries, raspberries). Powerful in the mouth and with a silky tannin, representative of its youth.
Click to enlarge Type: Half Crianza red wine
Grape varieties: Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah.
Aging: 4 months in new barrels and 2 months in the bottle before marketing.
Wood type: 90% French oak barrels with different toast levels and capacities 10% American oak barrels with different toast levels, 300 litres
Winemaking: Manually harvested grapes, clusters selected in the field, and then later on in the winery, cold maceration in stainless steel tanks and malolactic fermentation in new French and American oak barrels.
Tasting notes: It has a pleasing nose, with predominant vineyard aromas as well as red and black fruits, in perfect harmony with new wood, and hints of mineral that provide great complexity. In the mouth it is a powerful wine, fruity and soothing, with a soft, fresh tannin that provides it fullness and freshness.
Click to enlarge Type: Crianza red wine 
Grape varieties: 50% Monastrell and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 
Aging: 12 months in new barrels and the rest in bottle 
Wood type: 100 % French oak barrels of 225 litres of average toast. 
Winemaking: Manually harvested grapes, clusters selected in the field, and the later on in the winery, cold maceration in stainless steel tanks and malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels. 
Tasting notes: A dark wine, intense cherry red with violet tinges. It has a nose with hints of red fruit, raisins, liquorice, and touches of minerals that offer great complexity. In the mouth, it is strong, fruity, soothing, and goes down with broad, riche favours, full of varietals sensations, with sweet tannins and very well balanced acidity. An elegant wine that subtly transmits the character of its terroir.
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Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Varieties: Arbequina y Picual
Elaboration: Comes from cold pressing of the olives, and is judged to have a superior taste. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not filtered because it can lose some aromatic and taste properties during the procedure, so it is decanted.
Tasting notes: Bodegas Hacienda del Carche combined vineyards and olives groves are the body and soul of this land of sun. Arbequina and Picual olive trees, two of the most suitable varieties for the production of unconventional oils, join together in the fruity coupage of this extra quality virgin olive oil. Its green colour, bright and intense, as well as its acidity and spice do not allow us to forget the rule of the fruit of the olive tree.
Click to enlarge Our Balsamic vinegar is prepared using the ancestral method of wine with the Pedro Ximenez variety and must concentrate oxidation. This young vinegar is matured in American oak barrels for 8 years. 

The result is an excellent vinegar ideal for salads, readymade meat dishes, fish and reaches its excellence with the preparation of sauces thanks to the perfect balance between the very acidity of the vinegar and the sweetness and aroma of the Balsamic vinegar.
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The Monastrell Red Wine Jam is made with our Monastrell wine, which in turn is made with grapes from our vineyards.
We use the same wine to create our young red wine and this jam.
Our jam is a handcrafted product, with very little sugar added when compared wiht other jams. In the creation process the wine is boiled at approximately 100º C and it loses all its alcohol due to evaportaion.

Serving suggestions
: We recommend combining this jam with foie, paté, cane cheeses, torta del casar cheese, fried goat cheese, etc. and it is the perfect companion for all types of meats.
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